Parents wishing to enroll in Little Sprouts Adams Ave can use this page to reference more information about our school. Please contact the director for any further questions.


Infant 1

(3 months – 1 year)

Full Time (M-F)


1 Teacher for Every 3 Children

Infant 2

(1 year – 2 years)

Full Time (M-F)


1 Teacher for Every 4 Children


(2 years – 3 years)

Full Time (M-F)


1 Teacher for Every 6 Children


(3 years and up)

Full Time (M-F)


1 Teacher for Every 6 Children

F A Q’s

Do you allow parents to volunteer?

Parent participation is welcomed and encouraged. Sign up sheets are in each classroom. Please provide your immunization record to have on file.

Is food provided?

Food is provided in the older infant classroom and toddler room. Parents need to provide food for their young infants in Infant 1 classroom.

Can we visit the classroom?

Yes. We have an open door policy. 🙂

Do you have social events?

Yes. We host potlucks, picnics, open houses and many other events throughout the year. Parents will be invited through our emailed newsletter.

What items will my child need on day one?

Young infants:

Diapers and wipes,
Diaper Creams,
Extra change of clothes,
Crib sheets,
Wet bags,
and Sun block

Older Infants and Toddlers:

Diapers and wipes,
Diaper Creams,
Extra change of clothes,
Crib sheets,
Wet bags,
Sun block,
and Sippy cups

Do you offer formula?

Yes. We provide Baby’s Only Organic® formula for children in the Infant 1 classroom.

What are your hours of operation?

7:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday

Do you administer medication?

Yes. However, Parents are required to complete and sign
LIC form 9221 (instructions below)


1. All prescription and nonprescription medications shall be maintained with the child’s name and shall be dated.

2. Prescription and nonprescription medications must be stored in the original bottle with unaltered label. Medications requiring refrigeration must be properly stored.

3. Prescription and nonprescription medication shall be administered in accordance with the label directions.

4. Written consent must be provided from the parent, permitting childcare facility personnel to administer medications to the child. Instructions shall not conflict with the prescription label or product label directions.

Am I only allowed to come by during pick-up/drop off?

Parents are allowed to come at all times of the day to visit or pick-up, however, we prefer parents drop off between 7:30-9am.

Where do you make your food?

Our Chef prepares the organic food in our kitchen at the North West side of the building. Don’t forget to check out the menus in your child’s classroom.

Do you make meal accommodations for children with allergies?

We will try our best to make reasonable accommodations. Please speak with the Director and Chef to discuss any special accommodations/restrictions prior to enrollment.

What is the late pick-up policy?

There is a 5 minute grace period (5:35 pm) but after that, parents will be charged $3.00 per minute that they late picking up their child. If you are delayed or expect to be late, please call the school so we can plan accordingly.

State Forms

Little Sprouts Academy is a licensed preschool and daycare center in San Diego and is required to have all enrolling parents bring in the completed California Community Care Licensing forms. Links are provided below.

Extra credit to those who bring it in early! ;)

We are also required to keep copy of your child’s immunization records on file.  If you don’t have a copier, we can make them for you here. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Policies and Procedures
Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 5.18.13 PM
Calendar (Days Off)



Monday, January 1 – New Years Day / Closed

Monday, January 15 – MLK Jr. / Closed


Thursday, February 1 – Morning Staff Meeting

Monday, February 19 – Presidents Day / Closed


Thursday, March 15 – Staff Development Day / Closed


Friday, April 20 – Staff Morning Meeting

Saturday, April 21 – Family Picnic


Monday, May 28 – Memorial Day / Closed


Thursday, June 21 – Staff Development Day / Closed

Saturday, June 23 – MG, AA, PWY Graduation

Saturday, June 30 – RSD Graduation


July 2-6 – Family Week / Closed

Wednesday, July 4 – Independence Day / Closed


Thursday, August 23 – Morning Staff Meeting


Monday, September 3 – Labor Day / Closed


Friday, October 12 – Staff Development Day / Closed

Friday, October 12 – Open House / 3:30-5pm


Saturday, November 3 – Fall Festival

Wednesday, November 21 – Morning Staff Meeting

November 22-23 – Thanksgiving / Closed


December 24-28 – Family Week

Monday, December 31 – Staff Development Day / Closed

* Little Sprouts Academy reserves the right to make changes and updates to the Calendar at anytime in its sole discretion.